Today public organizations are invited to overcome even their capabilities to meet the ever-increasing needs. Research Center for electronic governance in an effort to help organizations to meet these needs, providing a range of services that cover a wide range of disciplines for both their own bodies/institutions and for interested members of the public and private sectors. Some examples are the following services: electronic services and re-engineering processes, computational infrastructure and Internet layouts, interoperability of processes and systems, electronic authentication, open data, collaborative governance, e-participation systems, and systems interventions smart cities, electronic transactions and payments, modeling, modeling and evaluation of the policy.

DGRC members have the following features:
1. Receive regular e-bulletin of DGRC with all developments of new technologies, tools and methods of E-governance. For each tool carried out in-depth analysis and presentation of examples.

2. Studies of library access DGRC, where collected and categorized studies, research and work in the field of e-Governance in the Greek language.

3. Access to a library of scientific articles of the Centre, with work in the English language, categorized per scientific area and sub-area of eGovernment.

4. Access to library standards and regulations E-governance, where it is analysed and categorized the current and upcoming standards in Greece and the European Union.

5. Use and education in electronic tools, which are important AIDS for the practitioner and researcher of E-governance (electronic English-Greek dictionary for e-governance, simulation tools and reengineering procedures, registers services public administration, especially kwdikologia, open libraries online services in the public sector)

6. Access to results of research projects and best practices, categorized and fully translated into the Greek language.

7. Participation in special workshops for the demonstration of innovative approaches and technologies in eGovernment.

8. Participation in related research, projects that the DGRC coordinates with partners from Greece, the European Union and the Mediterranean.

9. Access to the educational programs of DGRC, which are implemented in electronic platform for lifelong learning.

10. Possibility of assigning specialized research to solve problems or redesign processes in public organizations.
Businesses – DGRC members have the ability to promote specialized solutions, after being certified by specialized staff of the Centre.