Diploma Thesis: Smart Samos

In the context of preparing Thesis during the winter semester, 2015-2016, completed the work titled ” Smart Samos: requirements analysis and Initial specification of intelligent city Actions for the municipality of Samos ”, from graduate students Theocharopoulou Christina and Sugar. The purpose was to explore the areas in which they can promote projects and actions and develop digital applications to join the Samos on “Smart cities”.
To this end, held the record of the data and the analysis of requirements and needs of the island. Taking into account parameters such as the opinion of citizens, organizational, technological and economic reality of the municipality and the experience “best practices” relevant “smart cities” of Greece, attempted, for the first time, creating a “hybrid multi-criterion decision-making model”, dedicated to the selection of best screenplay “Smart City” for the Samos and through this proposed specific digital applications for the island. Data collection was done by sending structured questionnaires, but also by an on-site meeting with competent Municipality and executives interviewed by the Mayor.
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