Welcome to the Research Center for Electronic Governance

The Rector of the University, Prof. Stefanos Gritzalis, and the Coordinator of DGRC, Associate Professor Yannis Charalambidis, welcome you to the Digital Government Research Center. The Digital Government Research Center (DGRC) is an initiative of the University of the Aegean, with the aim of studying, training and application support modern approaches and methodologies for governance at local, national and international level.

The Center, through the continuous concentration of international but also the Greek experience on mission-critical applications and services for citizens and businesses, aims to direct as possible and complete dissemination of rules and methods of e-Government and the flexible application of the multitude of possibilities on the needs of public administration.

The DGRC cooperates with a large number of researchers, executives of the public administration and the private sector in Greece and abroad, in a bid to popularize modern methodologies and good practices of e-governance from around the world, to citizens, organisations and companies in Greece.

We invite all interested researchers, experts, public administration officials, business executives as well as concerned citizens to participate in our activities.